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Social Media is one of the digital marketing channels and that specializes in how to market through these social networks and take advantage of the opportunities available to them, and this is done through some strategies that prepare for that. As the marketing objectives work to expand the circle of potential customers (Generating Leads) and enlarge it by focusing and searching for the target segment.

Marketers also seek to achieve permanent and continuous communication between the organization and its clients, and that one of the basics of social media marketing is to work on marketing the organization’s brand and achieve wide popularity with it and to increase the number of visits to the company’s website.

An appropriate network for marketing must be chosen, depending on the quality of the active audience and content Where the social networks appropriate for marketing activities and commercial projects several of them:

  • LinkedIn: The most appropriate network for marketing services, products and solutions for other companies
  • Facebook: Whatever the target group, you will be present on Facebook, which provides cost-effective advertising solutions and results
  • Twitter: The right platform to follow reviews and customer feedback on products and services
  • Instagram: Marketing with visual content (photos – short video) gets more interaction on Instagram than any other platform
  • YouTube: Through YouTube, you can post an explanatory video of product and service features, as well as tips to increase engagement and customer confidence
  • Snapchat: the most appropriate platform to target modern Sunni groups (New Millennium Generation).

Advertising Social Media ads

The most important characteristic of brands is the way they appear on social media. Design social media ads and distinguish your brand to achieve professional results.
One of the important things for work designs on social media sites is the quality and not to have property rights.
From the visual matters, there is the subject of the pictures, and the pictures should be of high quality and have useful ideas that give a variety of ideas for the content itself.

As for the sensory and auditory side, there is something called (Motion Graphics) So what is it and what are its uses. In short, they are animations and clips that are used by designers to create the illusion of movement in the video, With spectacular transitions and backgrounds control as well as adding colors and music as well as kinetic and sound effects through different design and montage programs and also has many different types.

All users today prefer to watch a video displaying a certain thing instead of searching for long hours for different information on websites, so that it displays that information in an interesting and attractive way, giving a lot of information in a few minutes without feeling bored.

Marketing the product

It is a great way to present your product with an attractive, beautiful emotional story, which increases your final profits, not only that but it can also explain to consumers how to use the product and how to deal with it, especially for complex products that need further explanation.

Boost your brand

Using animated video with just a few minutes or a simple but dazzling image, you can make your brand stand out among competitors in the same field, but rather add design joy, which creates a positive impression of your brand, making it stand above the rest.

We must talk about important points and are considered the basis of marketing success, as there must be a logo and a marketing slogan for your business. In order for this logo to work for your business to succeed, it must be designed to suit the needs and desires of the target customers, because the customer is the master of the situation because he controls the success and failure of the business through his appetite for purchase and his repeated dealings with the company.

Marketing symbols and slogans (logo + slogan) can be defined as follows:

  • Your marketing logo must be comprehensive, effective, and brief because the human memory is limited and forgotten and you will not have a second chance from the consumer on your logo to express what your company or organization wants to accomplish accurately, and this will only happen when it is distinctive and express The nature of your work or that it was designed in a distinct and striking way
  • Marketing slogan is a short sentence describing a company’s brand and the nature of its business. The logo is a very important element in the marketing plan of any company because it makes it easier for the consumer to absorb the services provided by the organization and because consumers absorb the visual information in a faster way than they absorb the written information.
  • According to the fact that the consumer keeping the slogan of a certain company in his mind increases his desire to acquire her products!

In our company, the design team has enough skills and expertise to create a slogan and a beautiful and innovative visual identity for your company in the light of who your audience is and what products you offer to consumers to make your visual information express your ideas and symbolic goals that you will not be able to convey in words alone.